About Us

pay it forward
to do something kind or useful for someone because someone else has done something kind or useful for you

City Pay it Forward seeks to make a granular impact in the community through the following:

Proven Curriculum

Collaborate with leading educators to produce, present and distribute engaging, age-appropriate materials to schools

Bespoke Programs

Organise bespoke and impactful programs, such as investment competitions, insight days and work experiences, with corporate partners that seek to inspire disadvantaged students and promote aspiration and social mobility

Everything we do at City Pay it Forward is provided free of charge

What We Do

We are a grassroots organisation made up of volunteers seeking to make a positive impact in our community. We are business professionals and educators that have come together to collaborate with schools to teach children the basics in financial literacy including savings, budgeting, borrowing and investing. Most of us are also parents.

Our primary school programs revolve around our Year 6 financial literacy curriculum which was delivered to every primary school in the UK.  In the US, we are working with elementary school maths teachers to roll out our six-hour program to fifth graders across some of the largest public school districts in the country.

We take a broader and more practical approach to financial literacy education in secondary schools with a focus on entrepreneurship (via our Enterprise Challenges), hands-on work experience and apprenticeships (via our Insight Days) and investing and the financial markets (via our Investment Competitions).

We appreciate your interest in our work and value your support.


Quentin Nason

Founder and Trustee

Scott Eaton