The Power of Partnership

Partnering with School/ School Districts

Worked with almost 100,000 fifth graders at the 2nd and 3rd largest school districts in the US

Organised 1,000 student, five school investment competition

Organised Enterprise Challenge for one hundred students across ten Harris schools

Organised careers day for over 500 students

Delivered Year 6 Teacher’s Manual to all 21,000 primary schools in England

Partnering with Businesses/Universities

Collaborated with early year specialists at a leading university
Hosted “City Insight Days” for over 150 A-level students
Hosted 5 day’s work experience on live trading floors for winning teams of investment competition
Worked with four livery companies and produced videos for Dragon’s Den programme
Collaborated on their financial literacy programme

Partnering with Employees/Volunteers

Hosted careers day with over 50 City volunteers
Zoom calls with parents’ groups and alumni groups
Over 150 City volunteers for these events mostly in schools
City volunteers have presented financial literacy curriculum to over 20,000 students

Partnering with Community Groups

Collaborated in comprehensive Year 1-6 financial literacy programme delivered to the Ismaili community across the country
Worked with local council to roll out curriculum to all fifty primary schools in the City
Collaborated on programme to help parents talk to their children about the cost-of- living crisis at home

Assisted in fund-raising efforts leveraging corporate partners

Worked on I Don’t Get It series discussing taxes and inflation